We’re making plant-based food easy & delicious

Our thing is to make Plant-Based More Delicious.


We make healthy eating easy, affordable and delicious! eat more plant-based

Want to influence yourself to eating more plant-based, but there is a lot of bad stuff is out there? Take back your evenings with zero trips to the grocery store. Lazy Food will make eating plant-based as easy as adding two things into a pot… Yes, it’s actually THAT simple!! You think we’re kidding?


A thoughtfully curated convenience.

Chef Gaetano is on a mission to create f*#cking delicious things (in the healthiest way possible). Thanks to Gaetano’s plant-based recipes, we’ve said a big NO to all of the crap - GMOs, preservatives, and hard to pronounce ingredients; making it possible to support you (wherever you are) on your health journey!

Almonds. peas. tomatoes.
do just right!

We are Pro-Planet and Pro-You. Our commitment is influencing minds with products that support a healthy lifestyle; a cleaner planet. Just reducing your animal intake by 25% is enough to reduce emissions by 40% and reducing water waste by 10%.

Healthy plant-based meals, personalized

Choose Flavors

Choose Flavors

Each ingredient was specifically picked to give satisfying taste and nutritional benefits.

Customize your pasta type

Customize your pasta type

Everyone has different needs. Choose Gluten-Free or Regular Pasta

Indulge this healthiness

Indulge this healthiness

You are eating a meal that is good for you and good for the planet; and so damn easy to cook.

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